Andrew Holland Quoted in Reuters

Andrew Holland Quoted in Reuters

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Reuters published an article on what the energy and climate change landscape looks like in the second Obama term. In the article, ASP’s Andrew Holland was quoted, talking about how Hurricane Sandy along with New York City Mayor Michael Blo0mberg’s endorsement of Obama brought climate change back into the public discourse. From the article:

Obama slowed regulation of fossil fuels during his campaign against Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who ran on expanding drilling and letting states dominate oil and gas regulation.

After the devastation caused last week by Hurricane Sandy, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed Obama and made it clear he expected the administration to elevate action on climate change.

“Climate is back on the agenda, and I think Bloomberg especially is going to hold the president to some sort of action,” said Andrew Holland, an energy policy analyst with the American Security Project think-tank.

Obama steered clear of the issue during the election, but mentioned climate change in Tuesday’s victory speech as one of a trio of challenges facing the country.

“We want our children to live in an America that isn’t burdened by debt, that isn’t weakened by inequality, that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet,” Obama said.

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