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ASP Report on US-Russia Cooperation Released Image Credit: US DoD

ASP Report on US-Russia Cooperation Released

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ASP has published a report on the risks, rewards, and opportunities for cooperation between the US and Russia on issues of mutual interest. The report explores the advantages and drawbacks of cooperation in six different areas of importance to both countries:

  • Nonproliferation and preventing nuclear terrorism
  • Counterterrorism and building global resilience
  • Joint scientific research initiatives
  • Management of Arctic resources and emergency response
  • Public health coordination and capabilities
  • Building a stable and secure Afghanistan

The report provides in-depth analysis to explain how each option within a given area would look during implementation, how it would affect US influence, and the risks associated with it. The report includes a wide range of options drawn from policies dating back to the Cold War to new ideas aimed at the challenges of the 21st century. Special attention is given to evaluating the utility of policies that already exist. Associated risks are analyzed in detail and take into account the chance for accidents, miscommunication, and even deliberate undermining. This report aims to provide a practical understanding of the tools available to keep the US-Russia relationship from spiraling out of control even as both countries take opposite positions on issues at the core of their national interests.


The report can be found here