The U.S. Should Strengthen Ties with Georgia to Counter Russian Influence Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso on Wikimedia

The U.S. Should Strengthen Ties with Georgia to Counter Russian Influence

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The Biden administration has made it a priority to recommit to American transatlantic partnerships, but this should not be exclusive to EU and NATO partners. The need to revitalize transatlantic relationships combined with the desire to take a stronger stance against Russia gives the Biden administration an opportunity to rejuvenate U.S. ties with Georgia. Under the previous administration, the U.S. was not very involved with the South Caucasus area, so it is up to the Biden administration to bring Washington’s influence back to the region, especially given Tbilisi’s ongoing political crisis. Washington has an opportunity to strengthen its relations with Tbilisi, which could aid in the greater push to counter Russian aggressiveness and ongoing actions by the Kremlin to exert pressure on Tbilisi

U.S. policy in Georgia cannot change the environment that Georgia operates in—one where Russia still plays an outsized role of influence in the state. However, even with limited resources and challenging conditions in the region, the U.S. can still improve its ties with Georgia through the issues of trade, democracy, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 

Points of Possible Engagement: 


As the U.S. looks to revitalize its transatlantic relationships and counter Russian influence in Eurasia, the Biden administration should look towards available avenues of strengthening ties with Georgia. The U.S. should work towards a bilateral free trade agreement, increasing democracy promotion, and stabilizing frozen conflicts, all of which are imperative to bolstering U.S-Georgia relations.