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The Atlantic – Gary Hart: Russia and the United States in the 21st Century

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Source: The Atlantic, 1/12/2011

ASP Chairman of the Board and former Senator, Gary Hart, is a featured author in our new series in The Atlantic “20 Years After the Fall of the Soviet Union.”


…The shared global leadership between America and Russia ended two decades ago. The 74 year Russian detour into communism can be viewed only as if rapidly retreating in a rear-view mirror. But the end of the Cold War revealed a curious anomaly in U.S. foreign policy thought. Much to the surprise of Russians and many Americans, including myself, instead of rushing to embrace Russia and drawing it closely into Western economic, political, and security circles, we have resorted to reliance on personal relationships between American and Russian presidents as the basis for our bilateral relationships. And we continue to hold Russia suspiciously at arm’s length…”

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