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North Korea Hints at Third Nuclear Test

North Korea Hints at Third Nuclear Test

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In response to the recent UN Security Council Resolution condemning North Korea’s satellite launch last month, the DPRK may conduct a third nuclear test, the Associated Press reports. Experts who believe the test is likely note that this development follows a clear pattern: North Korea conducts a missile launch, the UN enacts sanctions, and North Korea responds with a nuclear test.

The pattern was seen in the North’s first nuclear test in 2006 and the second in 2009.

A third test will undoubtedly spark debate over how to address the North Korea nuclear challenge. A response that effectively advances U.S. national security interests should be based in an understanding of North Korea’s nuclear history.

ASP’s fact sheet on North Korea’s Nuclear Program informs the debate on U.S. policy by examining the origins and history of the North’s nuclear program.

You can download the fact sheet here, or read it below:

North Korea’s Nuclear Program