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Near Shore Wind Power: Potential Boon for Southeast Coast

Near Shore Wind Power: Potential Boon for Southeast Coast

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FTI Consulting, a global energy consulting company recently released a white paper concerning potential near shore wind power in the South Eastern United States from Virginia to Georgia. The paper focused on the role that coastal wind power can fill in the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan; which sets state carbon-emission rate targets from 2020 to 2030. Currently the SE states currently produce little to no wind power.

The report stated:

“Our analysis found that nearshore wind presents a technically and economically viable option for SE Coastal States. We project that 1400–2200 MW of new, nearshore wind capacity could be built in the two CPP scenarios modeled.” “Nearshore wind has the lowest levelized cost of electricity among all zero carbon-emitting technologies.”


Near shore wind power is distinct from offshore wind. While it captures the same coastal winds, it is much less capital intensive, as it is built on land. Because of these lower costs, FTI projected that coastal wind power would be approximately 32% more cost effective than both nuclear power and carbon-capture coal for these regions.


For the full report click here