LTG Dan Christman on Micro Nuclear Reactors in War on the Rocks Courtesy: War on the Rocks

LTG Dan Christman on Micro Nuclear Reactors in War on the Rocks

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LTG (Ret.) Dan Christman, who serves on ASP’s board of directors, wrote an article on mobile nuclear power for in War on the Rocks, “Mobile Nuclear Power Will Enable A Logistics Revolution for the Army.” He highlighted the importance of energy to military operations. As he mentions, “access to power has played a critical role in the long war against terrorism.” However, the source of the military’s energy needs to evolve and change to meet increasing demands of an electrical future force.

LTG Christman points out that Gen. Eisenhower once said that “battles campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.” Energy requirements have often been a source of vulnerability. Between 2001 and 2010, over half of American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 18,000 men and women, were during convey operations typically focused on bringing fuel and water. When Gen. Mattis declared the need to “unleash us from the tether of fuel,” he exposed the limitations of our current energy sources.

LTG Christman argues that nuclear power can meet the military’s need for an energy source with a small footprint and low logistical tail. In particular, he points to mobile, micro nuclear power plants, which “revolutionize military logistics for the 21st century.” One report called mobile nuclear power plants “a classic example of disruptive innovation.” A turn toward the advanced energy source of mobile nuclear reactors would transform energy requirements from a vulnerability into and “offset” and “force multiplier.”

Recently, ASP has addressed the promise of mobile, micro nuclear reactors. Last month, ASP held an event on the importance of next generation nuclear reactors on the battlefields of the future. At the event, Caroline Cochran, COO of advanced nuclear company Oklo, ASP President BGen Stephen Cheney, and ASP COO Andrew Holland had a rich discussion about the strategic and tactical uses of nuclear reactors. Congressman Conor Lamb (D-PA) provided introductory remarks. ASP’s Andrew Holland published a report “Perspective – Micro Nuclear Reactors” that provides an in-depth analysis of the potential of micro nuclear reactors.

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