Frontline: Confronting ISIS

Frontline: Confronting ISIS

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On 10/11/16, Frontline released an in-depth analysis of the success and failures of the U.S. led coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy Daesh in Iraq and Syria. The documentary examines the social, political, and economic upheaval the MENA region has faced since the Syrian and Iraqi military conceded large swaths of territory to Daesh in 2014. Notable contributors to the documentary are American Security Project board member, and former Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, former Special Assistant to the President, Philip Gordon, and various foreign dignitaries. The analysis further extends to regional state actors – primarily Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran – and the complications of defeating a well-trained and sophisticated extremist group when military and political alliances shifted rapidly throughout the region.

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