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Security Jam: Brainstorming Global Security
October 14

Security Jam: Brainstorming Global Security

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06:00 am - 12:00 pm. Time zone: America/New_York

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An Event by the Security & Defense Agenda


Date: October 14th 12:00pm CET until October 16th 6:00pm CET
Location: Online Forum – Global Access


Jam 1Ukraine. Syria. Cyber-defence. The EU’s comprehensive approach. These are some of the security issues that will be discussed at this year’s Security Jam. Join the unrivalled global online conversation bringing together thousands of security stakeholders and experts and be at the heart of the debate. Leading political and military figures, security and defence senior officials and practitioners, civil society representatives, industry, think-tankers, NGOs, academics and journalists all interact online, from anywhere in the world, to bring real solutions to real security issues. The 10 most innovative ideas will be outlined in a report to be delivered to the new NATO and EU leaderships, providing a roadmap for their mandate.

The 2010 and 2012 Security Jams brought together some 4,000 participants from over 120 countries. The top 10 recommendations were presented to the NATO and EU leaderships and received global media attention, including from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg, as well as numerous blogs and specialist publications around the world.

This year’s VIP jammers include Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Gen. Jean-Paul Paloméros, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, NATO ACT, Csaba Hende, Hungarian Minister of Defence, Anna Fotyga, Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Security & Defence, European Parliament, Alexander Vershbow, NATO Deputy Secretary General and many more.

The 2014 Security Jam will bring together the full range of stakeholders and experts to address the new reality and develop concrete policy recommendations to address the key challenges.

To be held over 54 hours, from October 14-16, 2014, the Security Jam will be a catalyst for creative thinking by national, UN, NATO, and EU policymakers, experts, NGOs, industry representatives, soldiers, journalists, scholars and opinion-leaders. The 6 forums will focus on:

The new global balance • The EU as a global security broker • NATO’s role 2025
Cybersecurity and cyberdefence • Ukraine and Russia • Syria


What is the Jam?

  • A time-limited online discussion that can elicit participation of several thousand individuals simultaneously anywhere in the world;
  • VIP Jammers log in and discuss their ideas with Jammers at regular intervals throughout the Jam;
  • Specialised experts moderate the discussions and guide participants to build on each others’ ideas;
  • Powerful data-mining tools for post-event analysis.

The Jam is organised into six forums:

1. The new global balance

Jam 2What do the U.S. pivot to Asia and declining Western influence mean in economic, diplomatic, and security terms for powers such as Russia, China, India or Turkey? Is China showing renewed inter-est in Europe as a security player? What impact will NATO’s Afghan drawdown have on regional peace?



2. The EU as a global security broker

Jam 3Is the EU a credible security provider, and if not, what are the elements needed to reinforce its global status? Have Europeans agreed on common security interests or will differences in member states’ foreign policy vision continue to plague the Union? What lessons can Europe draw from its humanitarian and development experience?



3. NATO’s role 2025

Jam 4Can alliance members maintain their own security with-out NATO? After the NATO Newport Summit, are the allies more prepared to react robustly to threats? Recent tensions with Russia have led to a renewed faith in the organisation as well as public debate in Sweden and Finland about joining NATO, but is that only temporary?



4. Cyber-security and cyber-defense

Jam 5What can governments and citizens do to ensure the internet remains a free yet secure global common and continues to contribute to economic and societal development? Can international rules be enforced let alone be agree upon? How much freedom and privacy are citizens prepared to forgo in the name of security?



5. Case-study—Ukraine and Russia

Jam 6Do Europeans, Americans and Russians suffer from a profound cultural misunderstanding or is this crisis all about realpolitik? How far has Russian domestic pres-sure influenced the conflict? How has propaganda affected people’s perceptions of the conflict?



6. Case-study—Syria

Jam 7With ISIL spreading terror both Syria and Iraq and the resulting coalition to defeat it, what role can the UN and the Security Council play, and is it even possible the Gulf Cooperation Council or the Arab League could eventually broker a deal?



When? October 14, 12:00 CET until October 16, 18:00 CET


  • Experts from leading think-tanks moderate the discussions;
  • Free registration on www.securityjam.org.
  • From broad discussions on Day 1 to concrete proposals on Day 3;
  • A massive communications campaign to raise interest across the global affairs community:
  • Jam website & banners on all partners websites;
  • Regular and targeted email campaigns by the SDA and Jam partners;
  • Vigorous social media campaign;
  • Targeted relations with key media;
  • Distribution of brochures and posters at key events and locations;
  • Creation and circulation of Jam videos (see below).