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London Event: Security and Climate Change: Are we Living in ‘The Age of Consequences’?
December 01

London Event: Security and Climate Change: Are we Living in ‘The Age of Consequences’?

07:00 pm - 09:00 pm. Time zone: America/New_York

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December 1, 2016
7:00pm – 9:00 PM
Chatham House, London


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The US Department of Defense regards climate change as an ‘accelerant of instability and conflict’. A former head of the US Pacific Command described it as the most significant long-term security threat in his region. US federal agencies have recently been mandated to fully consider the impacts of climate change in the development of national security policy. This step-change in the US approach reflects the Pentagon’s conclusion that climate impacts are a ‘threat multiplier’ for security concerns – not just for the future – but which pose ‘an immediate risk to national security’.

A new documentary from the US, The Age of Consequences, explores the links between climate change and security, including in current events in Syria, Egypt, the Sahel and Bangladesh. Our high-level panel will reflect on key sections from the documentary, which will be screened during the event, and explore whether security strategists, militaries and policy-makers in nations other than the US are fully cognisant of the risks posed by a changing climate, and whether they are ready to anticipate and respond to its potentially destabilizing effects.

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A.

Speakers include:

Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, CEO of the American Seurity Project and member of the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board
Major General Munir Muniruzzaman, President and CEO, Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies; Former Military Advisor to the President of Bangladesh
Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, Director of Strategy, UK Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy; University College London; Former UK Government Climate and Energy Security Envoy
Dr Patricia Lewis, Research Director, International Security, Chatham House

Chair: Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MP, Former UK Cabinet Office Minister