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Event Recap: Innovating Out of the Climate Crisis: Hydrogen

Event Recap: Innovating Out of the Climate Crisis: Hydrogen

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On December 13th, the American Security Project hosted the second webinar in the “Innovating Out of the Climate Crisis” series, this time covering hydrogen. Expert panelists included Arria Hines, the Chief Executive Officer at Allegheny Science & Technology, Ivana Jemelkova, the Senior Managing Director for Energy Transition & Sustainability at FTI Consulting, and Emily Kent, the U.S. Director for Zero-Carbon Fuels at the Clean Air Task Force. The panel was moderated by ASP’s own Director of Climate Security Programs, Jessica Olcott Yllemo.

Ivana Jemelkova started the discussion with an overview of why the present moment is opportune for hydrogen and brought up issues such as creating new options for decarbonization and where the hydrogen space is in terms of development. Arria Hines followed with an explanation of how the government fits into developing hydrogen’s potential through empowering the private sector and helping new projects emerge.

Emily Kent then offered some insight into current discussions on hydrogen energy at the government level, how the policy debates differ from debates in media, and the ways in which policy discourse is making strong progress and focusing on the most important areas of hydrogen questions. Kent also discussed areas where hydrogen application is particularly promising, such as heavy industry and heavy transportation.

All three panelists also gave their opinions on policy gaps that need to be filled, such as the importance of simplifying permitting regulations and incentivizing the construction of new hydrogen infrastructure. Arria Hines then explored the public dimensions of hydrogen energy in places such as West Virginia, especially emphasizing the importance of community engagement and the regional benefits from new energy sources.

The discussion concluded with each panelist’s outlook on hydrogen for 2023.