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Dante Disparte Featured in Huffington Post

Dante Disparte Featured in Huffington Post

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On October 12th Dante Disparte, ASP and BCAS Chairperson, was featured in the Huffington Post discussing “10 Maxims for Achieving Risk Agility.”

The article stresses the importance of “risk agility” in a world where the systems in which firms operate or more complex, and risks themselves are becoming harder to detect.

Disparte outlines ten principle guidelines that he views as paramount for firms to do this.  His ten maxims for reaching this risk agility are both broad enough to apply across industries and specific enough to act as effective guides for those wishing to transform their businesses.

Disparte leaves us with this; risk agility should not be embraced simply to avoid future costs or threats, but instead should be seen as a necessary step to develop a firm’s competitive advantage in its market.  The alternative? Well, the alternative can be seen in all of the firms that fell prey to cyber-breaches and internal governance failures and did not have the tools to recover.