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GSDI: China

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ChinaChina is the world’s fourth largest country by area (after Russia, Canada, and US) and largest in population. It is the largest country situated entirely in Asia. With a warming climate, water is a prime concern for China, particularly in the north.

Draughts will multiply this problem as freshwater sources become scarcer for an expanding population. China also faces desertification and deforestation. Some estimates suggest losses of one-fifth of agricultural land since 1949 due to soil erosion. With severe impacts on water availability there could be internal migrations of displaced populations and ethnic minorities, along with heightened regional tensions due conflicts over shared water rights.

Country: China

Region: East Asia

ASP Assessment:

Vulnerability: High

Perception of Climate Change: Security Threat

Capacity: Good

Preparedness: Good

Overall Assessment: Adequate


Full Report:


Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change – China 2014 by The American Security Project