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GSDI: Bangladesh

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BangladeshBangladesh is a densely-populated state in South Asia. Geographically, it is predominantly a low-lying river delta, which means its concerns about climate change are in the realm of water quality, availability, and rising sea levels. With sea level rise, the population will become more vulnerable, and could be forced to move. Its major river systems all originate outside of its borders, bringing a source of international tension to water issues. Sea level rise is already causing inundation and saline intrusion along the coasts.

Throughout its history, Bangladesh has been victimized by powerful tropical cyclones, and with a predicted increase, even more of the population is at risk.

Summary Country: Bangladesh

Region: South Asia

ASP Assessment:

Vulnerability: Very High

Perception of Climate Change: Security Threat

Capacity: Low


Overall Assessment: Good


Full Report:


Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change – Bangladesh 2014 by The American Security Project