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Climate, Energy, and Security

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Climate, Energy, and Security

As the United States moves into the second decade of the 21st Century, our leaders face a series of choices about energy that will affect our economic stability, the sustainability of our environment, and America’s national security.

Policymakers will have to address these energy challenges– but none of them are a question of yes or no, either/or, do or do not. Instead, how the United States meets those challenges will require choices – strategic decisions about infrastructure investment, government policy, research funding, and even foreign policy.

The American Security Project has a robust program examining how America – and the world – uses and produces energy. ASP believes that the way Americans use energy is detrimental to our national security, our economic well-being, and our environment. Without dogma or partisanship, we seek solutions. We focus on the long-term, strategic choices that will determine the well-being of our country until the next century.

The list below contains links to ASP’s work on the intersections between energy policy, climate change, and national security. We welcome you to browse through it all.

Today’s Energy Supply

America’s 21st Century Energy Choices

Fusion for the Future

Climate Change

Investing for Next Generation Energy

Next-Generation Energy Use in the Department of Defense