Climate Change and Immigration: Warnings for America's Southern Border

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Washington, D.C., 01 September 2010– The American Security Project today publishes its report on the likely effects of climate change on immigration along the US southern boarder.

Dr Jim Ludes, the Executive Director of ASP said: “This report highlights the consequences to the United States, and especially the communities and law enforcement agencies along America’s southern border, of not tackling climate change.”

He went on to note: “Climate change is a crucial issue facing the United States that needs to be addressed now. We can no longer put our heads in the sand. It has real, tangible consequences.”

Lindsey Ross, the reports author stated: “The US is likely to see an increase in migrants all across the southern boarder due to climate change – and its follow-on effects. The consequences of resource scarcity in Latin America are grave, climate change will exacerbate existing tensions and political and social instability.”


The report entitled: Climate Change and Immigration: Warnings for America’s Southern Border, can be found at: