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Climate Change Adaptation Prize Application Open

Climate Change Adaptation Prize Application Open

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As ASP has written many times, climate change poses a serious threat to world security. It decreases access to food and water resources, will drive migration, and will act as a “threat multiplier” that could potentially lead to an increase in armed conflict.

The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) is one of the best measures of different countries’ vulnerability to and readiness for climate change. With comprehensive national rankings covering a variety of important factors, ND-GAIN is at the forefront of assessing the risks of climate change while also participating in the effort to boost global preparations. The ND-GAIN Corporate Adaptation Prize is an annual award that recognizes the efforts of both multi-national and local corporations to reduce the risk of climate change:

“This year’s winners will demonstrate meaningful impacts in an emerging economy that decrease vulnerability and increase readiness by enhancing food security, water access, sanitation, coastal protection, ecosystem services, human habitats, infrastructure resiliency or human health, or by improving economic, social or governance function.”

Eligible projects must be done in cooperation with local groups in countries ranked beneath 60 in the index, and will be judged according to the following criteria:

“Projects must be led by either a multinational corporation or a local corporation working on a project in a lower-income country, and must include collaboration with local partners. Project applications will be judged on their measurable adaptation impact, scalability (relative within their category — multinational or local corporations) and market impact.”

Applications can be made here, and the deadline to apply is July 31st.

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