Chuck Hagel Interviewed on BBC

Chuck Hagel Interviewed on BBC

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American Security Project’s Board Member and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel appeared in an interview with BBC’s Katty Kay. Asked about how far the ISIS movement is going to spread, he answered:
“I think the so-called movement has already spread throughout the Middle East and certainly in North Africa. It’s a combination, a strange combination, I think, of ideology, of a warped sense of what an Islam Caliphate could be…an anger, a resentment, that’s been built up over the years…it’s a combination of all of those that produces a very toxic brew that attracts, really, the disconnected, disaffected, and there are many, all over the world. And with media, communications, technology, it has now empowered that voice. So, it isn’t just about a more confined part of the world. I think we’re going to be dealing with this for a long time, and it is difficult.”
He also stated that the United States is dealing with a difficult and complicated issue in regards to Syria, and promoted an international diplomatic solution to the issues in Syria, instead of a military solution. This echoes what the former Secretary of Defense has pointed out in the past:

“No country today has the power to impose its will and values on other nations. As the new world order takes shape, America must lead by building coalitions of common interests.”


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