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Business Insider quotes BG McGinnis on Cuba Engagement Mika Meskanen, Flickr

Business Insider quotes BG McGinnis on Cuba Engagement

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Business Insider quoted Army Brig. Gen. David McGinnis, USA (ret.) of the American Security Project on the consequences of President Trump’s Friday announcement in Miami. The announcement concerned the rollback of several aspects of Obama’s normalization of U.S.-Cuba relations. Business Insider’s article was posted June 17th and quoted BG McGinnis from a conference call with the Atlantic Council where he discussed the possibility of Cuban relations with Russia and China in Cuba’s pursuit of “balanced foreign policy.

BG McGinnis was one of 16 retired flag officers to sign an ASP-organized letter urging the continuation of US-Cuba engagement with the new administration.

He was also part of the delegation from the American Security Project which traveled to Havana in March 2017.

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