The Green New Deal’s Research & Development Provides National Security Solutions

This extreme economic transition is daunting but necessary. Despite advancements in renewable energy, the technology needed to achieve these goals are either very young or do not exist. However, one tenet within the GND provides multiple resolutions that could remedy our economic and national security concerns.Read more...

The U.S. is Falling Behind in the Race to Develop Next Generation Nuclear Power

Despite years of stagnation in U.S. nuclear power use and projections of steep declines in its future use, the U.S. nuclear industry has been reluctant to pursue new forms of nuclear energy generation, such as thorium powered molten salt reactors (MSRs). As a result, proponents of thorium energy have had no choice but to turn to U.S. rivals to continue R&D with this technology. Read more...

Can the Rentier State Survive the Electrification Revolution?

Oil producing rentier states have been under increasing financial pressure due to competition from non-petroleum fuels, greater energy efficiency of fossil fuel vehicles, and the increasing abundance and decreasing value of oil and gas. Up to this point, most rentier states have been able to adjust to these threats to their financial and political model but with the accelerating growth in electric vehicles and affordable energy storage their days may be numbered.Read more...

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