BGen. Stephen Cheney Interviewed by John Bersia

BGen. Stephen Cheney Interviewed by John Bersia

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Brigadier General Stephen Cheney appeared on John Bersia’s program, Global Perspectives, in January, where he helped outline the many important national security threats the U.S. is facing. For example, he highlighted what Bersia called “the worst case scenario for climate change”. In response, BGen Cheney said,

“Arctic cap melts. Let’s say in 15 to 20 years, you have a huge sea level rise … [of] 3 or 5 feet. As a consequence, all East Coast cities have huge flooding problems … our bases around the world go under water … Strategic implications could include Bangladesh, which ends up with a 5 million refugee problem, but it expands to 15 to 30 milllion people [who have no where to go].”

He explains the constant domino effect that climate change will bring and that many, if not most, countries are not prepared for.

To see the whole interview, click here.