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ASP’s Consensus Member David Titley Interview in Slate

ASP’s Consensus Member David Titley Interview in Slate

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ASP’s Consensus Member Dr. David W Titley, Rear Admiral USN, was recently interviewed in an article for Salon. In an pretty extensive take, Titley expansively discusses the threats climate change has on the military, international security, and ordinary men and women.

Titley made a historical comparison that particularly resonated:

The parallels between the political decisions regarding climate change we have made and the decisions that led Europe to World War One are striking – and sobering. The decisions made in 1914 reflected political policies pursued for short-term gains and benefits, coupled with institutional hubris, and a failure to imagine and understand the risks or to learn from recent history.

Dr. Titley has worked extensively along with ASP to inform more citizens about the harms from climate change, with a recent example including ASP’s Pittsburgh Event last February.

Make sure you read the article here.