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ASP’s Cheney on the EPA Clean Power Plan

ASP’s Cheney on the EPA Clean Power Plan

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ASP’s CEO B.Gen Stephen A. Cheney published an op-ed on the effects of climate change on global security titled Combating Climate Change Crucial to Global Security in The San Diego Union Tribune.
B.Gen Cheney argues that as a “threat multiplier,” climate change has the effect of increasing “natural disasters, refugee flows, and conflicts over basic resources.” In addition to threatening the lives of American citizens abroad, the United States’ coastal military installations are at risk of being damage and diminishing the country’s capacity to act as first responders to natural disasters. Because of these security risks, B.Gen Cheney supports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan to caps on the amount of carbon pollution that is released by US power plants. By adopting this plan, the US hopes to lead the world in curbing climate pollution and in preventing further negative externalities that are produced by increases in temperature across the globe.
Read the full article by B.Gen Cheney: Combating climate change crucial to global security

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