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ASP’s Cheney and Holland in: “Strengthening national security through climate resiliency”

ASP’s Cheney and Holland in: “Strengthening national security through climate resiliency”

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ASP’s CEO, BGen Stephen Cheney (ret.) and ASP’s Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate Andrew Holland wrote an Op-Ed published on November 28 in The Hill that shows how we can strengthen America’s national security through investments overseas in climate resiliency. They argue that America’s $3 billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund is “cost-effective because it will address the threats presented by climate change before American troops have to be deployed.”

They go on to say:

For the first two weeks of December, countries will be meeting in Lima, Peru to work toward stronger global collaboration to address climate change. There is new momentum going into these meetings after aggressive diplomacy by Secretary of State John Kerry and others helped achieve a historic agreement between U.S. and China to limit dangerous carbon emissions and ramp up renewable energy production.

As world leaders prepare for next year’s Paris climate conference, these steps demonstrate credible efforts to implement real solutions are surfacing.

When other countries fear the effects of climate change, helping prevent the worst scenarios can build goodwill beyond just climate preparedness – it can build stronger diplomatic bonds across a range of national priorities.

The whole article “Strengthening national security through climate resiliency” in The Hill.

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