ASP’s Andrew Holland Quoted in CNN on NATO and Alliances

ASP’s Andrew Holland Quoted in CNN on NATO and Alliances

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ASP Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Holland, was quoted in a recent CNN article on the concerns among European leadership about President Donald Trump undermining the NATO alliance and reneging on U.S. defense commitments.

The article explains how NATO members are readying themselves for the possibility of Trump going through with his threats to pull U.S. military support at the NATO summit this week. It also highlights how, despite accomplishments achieved prior to the summit that encompass new agreements that commit NATO members to improving capabilities and increasing spending, Trump’s vocal concerns about NATO spending are dominating the conversation.

In discussing the potential impacts of Trump’s rhetoric on the relationships between the U.S. and its key allies, the article quoted Holland:

Part of the game theory of an alliance is signaling … to rivals and to your partners that you’ll stand up … for your allies,” Holland said. Trump’s barrage of insults and anger toward Europe “may have signaled to adversaries, to the Russians, that we wouldn’t. “

For more information read “NATO leaders hope to ‘avert disaster’ amid concern Trump may undermine alliance” in its entirety on CNN.

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