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ASP’s Andrew Holland on US Energy Policies in Politico

ASP’s Andrew Holland on US Energy Policies in Politico

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American Security Project’s Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, was quoted in a recent article by Politico Pro.

Moderating “America’s Energy Choices for 2014,” an event hosted by ASP, Holland spoke of the outmoded policies the United States uses.

A panel of energy industry experts is hoping President Barack Obama will use Tuesday night’s State of the Union address to launch an effort to overhaul the country’s 1970s-era energy policies.

The representatives from the nuclear, renewable and natural gas industries told an audience at a event for the American Security Project that the country’s outdated approach to energy regulation has hamstrung the development of new technologies, leaving the United States struggling to compete in the global energy market.

We made a series of choices in the 1970s based off of the energy crisis, and we haven’t really made any choices since. We’ve just coasted on these choices and let markets work by themselves,” said Andrew Holland, a senior fellow at ASP. “What we need is a sustainable long-term choice.”

Be sure to read the rest of the article and on the look out for future events. For a summary and review of this event, please look here.