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ASP’s Andrew Holland Discusses Climate Security Threat

ASP’s Andrew Holland Discusses Climate Security Threat

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ASP’s Director of Studies and Senior Fellow on Energy and Climate, Andrew Holland, was recently featured on Press Play with Madeleine Brand discussing his recent article in Scientific America, Preventing Tomorrow’s Climate Wars.

Andrew provided an overview on why and how the military is taking action in Africa, the Asia-Pacific region and the Arctic to prevent the potential threats that could arise due to climate change. Specifically, the military is concerned with climate change as a threat to military bases and as a threat multiplier. He highlights the example of Syria, where an unprecedented drought led to urbanization and accelerated instability. While climate change will not be the sole cause of conflict, it can enhance underlying and preexisting tensions.

For the entire discussion, click here and scroll down to the section on “Climate Change a Threat to National Security? The U.S. Military Thinks So”.

For more information about climate change and it’s threat to national and global security, click here for ASP’s Climate Security Report.

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