ASP Welcomes the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards Announced Today.

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The American Security Project welcomes the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards announced today.

WASHINGTON, 29 July 2011. Setting strong fuel economy standards represents an opportunity to secure our national security by reducing our reliance on oil, to create jobs, unleash investment in the U.S. automotive sector, spark innovation, and save consumers money at the gas pump.

America’s dependence on oil represents a clear and present danger to the security and welfare of the United States. Our dependence weakens our international leverage, undermines our foreign policy objectives, and entangles America with unstable and hostile regimes. Oil money furthers regional conflict and arms races. Oftentimes, our oil purchases finance authoritarian regimes, strengthening and cushioning their power grab despite a lack of popular consent in their home country.

Economically, the nation’s heavy oil dependence diverts hundreds of billions of dollars out of our economy each year, and leaves American businesses and communities vulnerable to unpredictable price volatility. The sheer volume of oil imports harms American competitiveness and drives down the value of the dollar. The United States sends hundreds of billions of dollars overseas to pay for oil. The United States consumed over $1.45 trillion worth of oil in 2010, of which $680 billion was spent on imports.

We can help to protect our economy and our national interests by achieving significant oil savings with the strong CAFE standards presented this morning.