ASP Releases New Russian Military Incident Tracker UK MOD RAF Photo

ASP Releases New Russian Military Incident Tracker

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Since 2012, there has been a marked increase of operational tempo and aggressiveness of Russian military forces across the globe.  Utilizing various outlets of open-source reporting, the American Security Project presents a compilation of these notable, albeit little-reported, incidents that highlight this growing trend of Russian military activity.

This newly launched Russian Military Incident Tracker provides a constantly updated map, filtered by year, from 2012 – Present. The interactive tracker provides a brief description, detailed location, and the originating source where the incident was first reported. The incidents depicted are not exhaustive, as there are many similar events that go unreported to the media, and the overall majority are not intended to depict large-scale Russian military exercises or deployments but are rather intended to highlight the growing escalation of close military encounters between Russia, the United States, and various allies in the past few years. As such, this does not represent a complete accounting of all incidents, but will be continuously updated as new data is acquired.



Last Updated: 1-21-2022, Heberto Limas-Villers