ASP Launches Ad Campaign in Indiana Focusing on the Security Implications of Climate Change

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Washington, DC – The American Security Project (ASP) today announced that it will begin a paid advertisement campaign this week aimed at educating the public on the national security implications of climate change. The campaign will consist of radio and TV ads in the Indianapolis media market, and is part of a larger public education campaign recently launched by the American Security Project to educate the general public about how food shortages, scarcity of resources and migration will affect the stability of countries, incidents of terrorism and the overall security of the United States. The radio and TV ads can be viewed and listened to at

ASP’s Executive Director Dr. James Ludes, commented on the launch, “With two key Senators in Indiana who have a keen understanding of the most pressing national security issues facing our nation, Indiana is an important place to continue our nationwide campaign to educate the general public about the dire security implications of not addressing climate change. We are already seeing evidence of increased conflict over scarcity of resources, mass migration, and greater instability in areas of the world where extremism has become more prevalent and where the repercussions of climate change are likely to be most evident – these trends are only going to get worse in the coming years.”

For further information about the campaign or about the American Security Project, please contact Selena Shilad at (202) 550-2547 or Amy Pond at (202) 431-9005.

The American Security Project (ASP) is a non-profit, bipartisan public policy research and education initiative dedicated to fostering knowledge and understanding of a range of national security and foreign policy issues. It is organized around the belief that honest public discussion of national security requires an informed citizenry—one that understands the dangers and opportunities of the twenty-first century and the spectrum of available responses. ASP was formed to help Americans—from opinion leaders to the general public—understand how national security issues relate directly to them, and to explain challenges and threats in a way that spurs constructive action.