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ASP in the News: Senior Fellow David Haines in Air Force Magazine

ASP in the News: Senior Fellow David Haines in Air Force Magazine

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ASP Senior Fellow for Climate Security David Haines was recently quoted in Air Force Magazine’s Let There Be Light, an article discussing the growing threat of extreme weather and cyberattacks to Air Force installations on the American homeland. As Haines noted, Air Force Bases face a number of threats,

“Those [Air Force bases] that are most at risk tend to be those who are out West, where there is potential damage from wildfires and droughts, and those that are on the coast, where they can be damaged by rising sea levels, floods – including sunny day flooding – and, obviously, hurricanes. Talking about Tyndall, that’s probably the poster child for climate damage – $3 billion worth of damage.”

Haines was later asked how he feels about the future of progress on resilience measures at Air Force bases.

“I think as long as the military is looking at this issue clearly and coming up with what it’s going to cost and how difficult it’s going to be to implement things like energy security and resiliency to issues like flooding and wildfires, then we’re on a good path. Just got to make sure the next few years, we keep pushing in the right direction.”