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ASP in the News: Board Member VADM Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.) in The Invading Sea

ASP in the News: Board Member VADM Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.) in The Invading Sea

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On June 7, ASP Board Member VADM Lee Gunn, USN (Ret.) published a commentary in The Invading Sea: Florida and the Climate Crisis promoting the adoption of electric vehicles by the U.S. as a means of increasing America’s overall national security. The article explores the national security advantages of decoupling military fuel needs from geopolitical instabilities in oil rich regions. According to VADM Gunn,

“…electric vehicles and national electrification infrastructure can deliver real strategic benefits. Diversified energy resources and EVs are already beginning to reduce our dependence on unpredictable oil-exporting partners.”

Electric vehicles (EVs) are important to diversifying military energy resources and limiting supply disruptions. The shift to EVs also contributes to tactical advantages on the battlefield as they are harder to detect than conventional vehicles. Moreover, EVs diminish the human and capital costs associated with defending fuel convoys. VADM Gunn summarizes that,

“EVs are a natural fit for military applications given their advantages in lethality, logistical footprint, and reducing casualties.”

The full article is available here.