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ASP in the News: Adjunct Fellow Matt Zeller in CNN

ASP in the News: Adjunct Fellow Matt Zeller in CNN

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On July 30, ASP Adjunct Fellow Matt Zeller penned an op-ed for CNN discussing the looming end of the war in Afghanistan and the issues surrounding the Biden administration’s plans for evacuating Afghan allies that now face death threats from the Taliban.

Zeller outlines that more should be done for Afghan allies currently at risk:

The President should order the 82nd Airborne Division or the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force back into Afghanistan. We should retake airfields we held mere months ago. Anything less than this bold action all but guarantees our allies and their families who are left behind will die gruesome deaths that the Taliban may film for the world to see.

Failing to meet these commitments, Zeller argues, may deter potential allies from working with the United States in the future.

Read the full article on CNN here.

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