ASP in the News: Adjunct Fellow Giorgio Cafiero in Politics Today

ASP in the News: Adjunct Fellow Giorgio Cafiero in Politics Today

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On Sunday, April 23, ASP Adjunct Fellow Giorgio Cafiero published an article in Politics Today entitled The Russian Threat Gives NATO New Purpose. In the piece, Cafiero discusses how since Russia invaded Ukraine, the alliance—once seen as brain dead by much of the world—has never been more united. The significant threat posed by Russia has caused NATO members to put aside substantial differences. According to Cafiero, 

“Talk in western capitals about kicking Turkey out of NATO has basically come to a sudden end. There has been somewhat of a rebound in Ankara-Washington relations as Turkey arms Kiev with Baykar TB2 drones. Based on shared concerns about Moscow’s conduct in Ukraine, Greece and Turkey have found common cause since 24 February.”

As the alliance expands to include Finland and Sweden, possibly, NATO will strengthen its influence in the Nordic and Arctic and continuously challenge Russia for years to come. Cafiero concludes,

“There is no denying that drastic shifts have taken place within the security alliance since 24 February. NATO finds itself with a renewed purpose. This bodes negatively for Russia. Having viewed NATO’s eastward expansion as a growing threat, Moscow must contend with how conditions in Ukraine are tightening the Transatlantic alliance in truly remarkable ways which were difficult to imagine only a few months ago.”