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Cheney, Disparte in The Hill: How to Curb a Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico

Cheney, Disparte in The Hill: How to Curb a Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico

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On October 3rd, ASP CEO Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (ret.) teamed up with ASP Chair of the Business Counsel Dante Disparte to write an op-ed for The Hill that outlines three distinct steps the U.S can take to build back better in Puerto Rico following the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

First, they argue that the U.S. military is uniquely positioned to help with disaster recovery, and should increase the number of boots on the ground in Puerto Rico. In particular, Disparte and Cheney outline the benefits of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which could produce 400,000 gallons of fresh water every day. The increased military presence would also “demonstrate U.S. humanitarian commitments to its citizens and neighbors.” Second, they point out the importance of providing financial relief for Puerto Rico, which is currently receiving aid dollars originally appropriated for Hurricane Harvey relief. Finally, they posit that a permanent repeal of the Jones Act would signal that the U.S. is willing to invest in the long term future of the island.

Read How to Curb a Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico – Blackout and bankrupt – Puerto Rico needs mainland help in its entirety in The Hill.

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  1. Interesting use of a nuclear carrier. In 1983, after a major hurricane in Hawaii knocked out the power that the island of Kauai, the US Navy sent a nuclear sub to Help. They connected the island’s power plant to the sub and powered the island until repairs could be made. Creative solutions can work.

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