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ASP COO Andrew Holland on EcoRight Speaks Podcast RepublicEN - EcoRight Speaks Podcast Logo

ASP COO Andrew Holland on EcoRight Speaks Podcast

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ASP COO Andrew Holland joined Chelsey Henderson on the podcast, EcoRight Speaks, to discuss climate security and the ways in which climate change acts as a threat multiplier. Holland noted why it is important to have a “better bipartisan conversation on national security.”

Bipartisan support has been crucial to addressing pressing national security threats exacerbated by climate change. Holland explains that ASP’s bipartisan work, led by our Board of Directors, has created an institution where “non-partisan people who think about the security of the country first.” ASP focuses on threats of tomorrow and has led the conversation on long term climate security threats for the last 15 years.

Listen to the full EcoRight Speaks Podcast here.