ASP COO Andrew Holland on Cheddar Screenshot of Interview

ASP COO Andrew Holland on Cheddar

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On December 8th, ASP COO Andrew Holland discussed Biden’s Climate Plan on Cheddar News. Andrew highlighted the types of national security threats our military is already facing as a result of climate change, as well as the importance of doing more than just rejoining the Paris Agreement.

When asked about the feasibility of Biden’s plan with a divided Congress, Andrew expressed excitement for the existing bipartisan support for climate as a national security issue. Particularly as the military is concerned, steps are already being taken to make our infrastructure more resilient and to prepare for new challenges in the Arctic. The discussion also touched on the generation of new clean energy jobs. Andrew cites that the great thing about these jobs is “they can be anywhere,” with lots of jobs popping up in the Midwest in wind production, and in the Southwest in solar.

Watch the full video here.