ASP COO Andrew Holland in Inside Philanthropy

ASP COO Andrew Holland in Inside Philanthropy

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On October 7th, ASP COO Andrew Holland was quoted in an article published by Inside Philanthropy on the critical role philanthropy can play in advancing the development of nuclear energy to combat climate change.

Holland explains advanced fission has been “much better about courting philanthropy than fusion.” Committed supporters of advanced fission have enabled the technology to make important strives. Holland cites this support as having helped “to create the political conditions that have supported the growth of the advanced fission ecosystem.” He notes even “relatively small amounts of philanthropic” funds can “unlock” the massive resources of our government as well as other governments around the world.

Holland says philanthropy’s “reticence” in backing nuclear technologies stems from a “misreading” of the growth and success of renewable energy. For instance, he points out

“The solar energy industry association was founded in 1974, long before it was commercially viable to build out solar power arrays. It was supported by philanthropic donors, who believed that for environmental and energy security reasons, we needed to support a solar industry.”

Read the rest of the article to learn more about the potential of philanthropy in advancing nuclear energy to combat climate change.

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