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ASP COO Andrew Holland in High North News

ASP COO Andrew Holland in High North News

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On September 27, 2019, ASP COO Andrew Holland was quoted in an article published by High North News on the US Navy’s increased engagement in the Arctic.

Recently, four vessels sailed from Mayport, Florida to the Arctic as part of the newly-reactivated U.S. 2nd Fleet, intended to counter Russian activity in the Arctic and North Atlantic. Upon arrival in the Arctic, these vessels formed a Surface Action Group (SAG).

Experts have long emphasized the need for a stronger US posture in the north to counter Russia’s growing military presence. This latest military exercise of the SAG may be a sign that the US intends to take a more active role in the Arctic.

Holland explains,

“These deployments add force to the speech made by Secretary Pompeo in Finland earlier this year. It shows an American military increasingly waking up to the need to maintain a presence in the Arctic. It’s long past-time for this.”

The US Navy has a wealth of experience running submarines under the Arctic ice, but successful operations of surface vessels take practice. Operating in the Arctic involves many technological challenges, such as navigational and communications requirements. However, ice buildup on vessels is equally as dangerous and challenging.

The US Navy released it Arctic Strategic Outlook earlier this year. Many experts believe the document is short on details. However, while the Navy still relies on the Coast Guard for ice-breaking capability, it is researching how its vessels can operate in increasingly lighter ice conditions.

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