ASP COO Andrew Holland in E&E News Photo Courtesy: E&E News on Twitter

ASP COO Andrew Holland in E&E News

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On Tuesday, April 9th, COO of ASP Andrew Holland was cited in an article from E&E News which discussed former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen’s position on climate change.

During her term, Nielsen repeatedly claimed that, while she fully believes climate is experiencing a drastic change, she is unsure about the human influence on the phenomenon. Holland said that, unlike John Kelly, a four-star general, he didn’t think “(Nielsen) ever had the status or leeway” within the Administration to talk about climate change.

The article also reflected on the role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a bureau within the DHS which, unfortunately, hasn’t paid much attention to climate change. With reference to FEMA’s omissions of such issue over the years, Holland explained that,

“FEMA is the government’s emergency-response agency, and there is a role that FEMA can have in not just disaster response but in building resiliency.”

It is crucial for all the US government agencies to come to terms with the importance, as well as the urgency, of climate change. Failing in acknowledging the issue will delay the US’ response to the problem, which will inevitably result in irreversible consequences for national (and international) security.

You can read the full article here.

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