ASP CEO BGen Cheney Argues Against Trump’s Coal Subsidization Plan

ASP CEO BGen Cheney Argues Against Trump’s Coal Subsidization Plan

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ASP’s CEO Brigadier General Stephen Cheney USMC (Ret.) wrote an op-ed on Thursday October 25th, 2018 arguing against the Trump Administration’s plan to subsidize economically unviable coal plants under the guise of national security. Rather than enhancing the nation’s security the move will damage our national security, leaving the US dependent on a 20th century energy source.

The Real Clear Markets article pushed back against the administration’s claims that the move will protect the US power grid from blackouts and cyber-attacks. Cheney refuted the claim that the move will reduce cyberattacks, arguing that it will only serve to prop up economically uncompetitive plants. He continued to explain that the move against free market competition will make our electricity more expensive. The investment in coal instead of advanced energy sources will put the U.S. behind China in both military and economic spheres. Taxpayers would also be the ones to foot the bill with one study estimating the cost could exceed $34 billion.

BGen. Cheney concludes with:

“If Americans come to believe that presidents will use national security as a rationale to advance political goals, they will be much less likely to accept the real, and difficult, choices we are sometimes asked to make to protect the country. That is a dangerous prospect and Americans should reject the president’s plan.”

For more information, read the full article “The Trump Administration’s Power-Plant Bailout Won’t Boost National Security” on Real Clear Markets.

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