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ASP Board Member William Fallon on MSNBC

ASP Board Member William Fallon on MSNBC

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On Wednesday, June 26, ASP Board Member and former head of U.S. Central Command, Admiral William Fallon, was featured on MSNBC. Admiral Fallon commented on escalating tensions with Iran following a recent attack on an unmanned drone and the last-minute rescinding of a U.S. strike against Iran.

“There’s potential to break things open. There’s no desire whatsoever on the part of certainly our side, nor theirs, to actually have a war, a real war. But that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t and wouldn’t be some dust ups and events occurring along the lines of what we’ve seen recently.”

Responding to the potential for further escalation in the region, Admiral Fallon cautioned the U.S. to maintain control:

“What we’re seeing is a very interesting play of carrots and sticks. The problem is that if a mistake is made on the edge, particularly with the military forces that are nearby, these things can spiral out of control. I think it was controlled the last time, the next incident may not be. It’s probably going to be more difficult, and that’s what we have to be aware of.”

You can view the interview here.