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ASP Board Member Christine Todd Whitman Featured in TIME on Clean Power Plan TIME

ASP Board Member Christine Todd Whitman Featured in TIME on Clean Power Plan

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Christine Todd Whitman

ASP Board Member and former EPA-Administrator Christine Todd Whitman has just published an op-ed on the EPA Clean Power Plan in TIME. In the article, titled “Former EPA Administrator: We Must Move Forward on Clean Power Plan,” Whitman discusses the passing of The Clean Air Act under former President George W. Bush, and the significance of bipartisan cooperation in passing the act.
She discusses the importance of now passing the EPA-proposed Clean Power Plan, which will “significantly reduce emissions from the power sector” and “offers states extraordinary flexibility in how they comply with their obligations.” Nonetheless, the plan has been the subject of heated debate. On Tuesday, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments for and against the plan. Whitman concludes:

“With so much at stake, it’s time that we move forward. On Tuesday, I hope the D.C. Circuit will be able see the clear facts in this case: the Clean Power Plan is legal, it’s flexible, it’s in line with where the market is already going, and it will allow EPA to tackle our biggest environmental challenge using the same smart, effective and economically responsible approach that it has successfully employed for decades.”

To read the full article, click here.

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