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ASP Board Member Christine Todd Whitman Featured in Politico

ASP Board Member Christine Todd Whitman Featured in Politico

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ASP Board member and former governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman penned an article for Politico entitled “‘Dash to Gas’ Has Downside For Energy Policy.” She notes that the shale gas boom has driven down the cost of natural gas and has also allowed the U.S. to make the necessary switch from coal power. However, it is not a good idea to focus solely on natural gas; we must invest for the long-term in a diverse portfolio of clean and renewable energy sources. From the article:

For decades, our nation’s leaders have urged that we diversify our energy portfolio — that we avoid becoming overly reliant on a single energy source — and that we expand our conservation and energy efficiency efforts as well as our use of cleaner and renewable energy resources. And while stricter environmental regulations, more efficient energy-production and power-generation methods and advancements in renewable infrastructure have all brought us closer to that goal, we still make sweeping energy decisions based solely on near-term cost. Shaping a long-term energy policy and supply balance is difficult because of the many factors involved in forecasting markets, technology and economic conditions two decades from now. But we must make sure that the decisions today and in the near term will provide the greatest returns for today and well into the future.

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