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ASP Board Chairperson, fmr. Governor Christine Todd Whitman on Paris and a Chance to Lead

ASP Board Chairperson, fmr. Governor Christine Todd Whitman on Paris and a Chance to Lead

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ASP’s Board Chairperson, former EPA Administrator and Governor Christine Todd Whitman authored an op-ed for The Hill titled Paris climate agreement offers U.S. chance to lead. The article explained why the Paris Agreement is important not only for addressing climate change, but also for maintaining U.S.’ leadership position.

Governor Whitman highlighted how climate change is already impacting the nation; specifically noting the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused in New Jersey and New York and the growing concerns of instability worldwide due to increasing droughts and floods. By staying in the Paris Agreement, the country has an opportunity to address these threats while boosting job growth and “increased energy security through the development of clean energy sources such as wind, solar and safe, reliable nuclear power.”

Alternatively, Governor Whitman noted that leaving the Agreement undermines U.S. credibility and global leadership role. Already, nations such as China and India are “eyeing an opportunity to take over America’s role as the world leader on this issue.” A significant number of businesses support remaining in the Agreement including CEOs from Shell, Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Exxon Mobil, among others. Governor Whitman argues that the Administration should listen to these companies and remain within the Agreement.

She concluded by saying,

“The longer we wait to act, the more extreme the consequences. Future hurricanes will increasingly batter our coasts while droughts plague the west. Now is not the time for petty partisan politics; rather it is the time for coming together to protect our environment, our businesses, our leadership, and our national security from future instability.”

The full article is available here.