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ASP’s Andrew Holland quoted in “National Defense”

ASP’s Andrew Holland quoted in “National Defense”

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ASP’s Director of studies and senior fellow for energy and climate security Andrew Holland was quoted in Vivienne Machi’s November 2016 special report for Battlefield 2030, “Climate Change: Extreme Environments to Require New Equipment, Tougher Ships” in National Defense. He discusses the necessary equipment, investments, and mindset for the military to adapt to climate change.

Holland explains that as weather becomes more unpredictable and destructive, “the biggest and most important thing” the military can invest in is weather monitoring and forecasting equipment. Other important investment areas Holland identifies are weapons and protective clothing adapted for extreme conditions. From gloves that allow a full range of motion for use in cold weather to lighter body armor for use in hot weather, the military needs to look at what its equipment requirements will be.

He goes on to highlight the difficulty of predicting what effect changes in weather and sea level will have on military bases. He concludes by saying, “Preparing for climate change, it’s actually not as much about the equipment; it’s about the mindset. It requires foresight and thinking and planning.”

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