Andrew Holland Quoted in National Defense Magazine

Andrew Holland Quoted in National Defense Magazine

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ASP’s COO, Andrew Holland, was quoted by National Defense Magazine this week, discussing the potential military use of electric vehicles. The article discusses an electrification forum held by the Army in November 2018, along with the increasingly impressive development of electric and hybrid electric vehicle technology.

“Batteries are getting better and cheaper, faster than people expected,” he said. New chemistries mean they will be much more energy dense and easier to charge, he added.
“That kind of takes away the issue with … the tactical problem,” he said.

Electric motors offer the military a number of advantages, including the ability to forgo a centralized engine, he said. Instead, the Army could have numerous engines, including one for each wheel.

“That allows you to spread the weight better and it allows you to be more resilient,” he said. “If you lose one engine, it’s not going to cause the whole thing to go down.”

Read the full article here.

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