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Yong H Wang

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Adjunct Junior Fellow

Expertise: International and National Security Issues, Governance and Energy Security, East Asia

Yong graduated magna cum laude from Dickinson College, majoring in Political Science and with a Certificate in Security Studies. He specializes in US-China relations, international security issues, and governance.

Prior to ASP, Yong worked at a large law firm and actively volunteered with international non-profits. He now lives and works in New York City.

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A selection of Yong’s work:

ASP Presentations-

Climate Change and National Security

Climate Change: Implications for the Homeland

 Climate Change and Global Security

Reports and Factsheets I Contributed to-

American Competitiveness Report – An Issue of National Security

Climate Security Report

Critical Energy Choices for the Next Administration

The Arab Spring and WorldFood Prices

Blog Posts-

Successes and Challenges to Chinese Clean Energy Development

Communicating Climate Change

Are China and Japan Just Saber-Rattling over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands?

ASEAN and the South China Sea Dispute

Senate Hearing on Maritime Territorial Disputes and Sovereignty Issues

 House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on the South China Sea