Thomas Benson

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Adjunct Fellow

Expertise: Politics and Governance; Climate Security; Sustainability; Environmental Justice; China

Thomas S. Benson is currently a Ph.D Candidate at the University of Delaware in Political Science and International Relations and is a Princeton Dissertation Scholar, Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellow, and Aspen Institute Future Climate Leader. His research focuses on urban sustainability, local government, community engagement and citizen participation, climate security, and China’s environmental policies.

Previously, Thomas was an instructor for Environmental Politics at the University of Delaware and a Visiting Researcher to Boston University’s Initiative on Cities. He also serves as the Sustainability Coordinator and Fellow for the University of Delaware and is a Community Engagement Scholar, Research4Impact Scholar, and participates in Brown University’s Climate Social Science Network. Since 2020, he has conducted 75 research interviews, published several peer-reviewed papers and white papers, presented at 13 national and international conferences, and received 24 awards, grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Thomas also earned a bachelor’s degree (LLB) in Law from the University of Leeds, UK.