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Ted Vogel

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Adjunct Fellow

ted vogelExpertise: Renewable energy project modeling, financing and development, portfolio based energy assessments, operational energy, energy and tourism, remote/austere power systems modification, hybrid power systems, augmenting fossil fuel power generation with solar and wind power, demand side energy supply chain logistics and fully burdened cost analysis for operational energy scenarios.

Ted Vogel is president of 12 South International LLC with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 12 South was founded in 2008 to analyze and create data driven, renewable energy solutions for the CENTCOM operations scenarios in Afghanistan and to create modeling tools for remote power generation scenarios. Since then 12 South has grown to include project development and management for islanded power grids, renewable energy based portfolio development projects with a further focus on high cost of energy markets and energy costs for resort owners in travel and tourism markets.

Mr. Vogel is engaged in renewable energy systems project management, market development, modeling and finance for North American clients. Past projects include work on behalf of the public education system of North Carolina, regional hospitality companies and public advocacy work on behalf of private and public clients. These projects have include distributed generation systems for energy delivery under net metering scenarios for industry in the US and Caribbean, diesel based generation hybridization programs for Canadian First Nations communities.